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Clomid is a drug often used in treatment of female infertility. It stimulates a hormone release required for ovulation. Clomid is used for stimulation ovulation when the ovaries produce follicles in hormonal stimulation is not enough. However, Clomid can be used for medical purposes other than indicated here.

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If you are sure that you need Clomid without prescription to treat your disease, and have consulted a doctor, you probably want to buy Clomid without prescription. Just take into consideration all indications, contraindications and side effects of this drug.

You have two ways. The first is to go to your local drugstore and buy Clomid over there. Or you can order Clomid online. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages.

You can consult a qualified pharmacist at local drugstore. However, if you have learnt the indications, contraindications, side effects and other information on Generic Clomid online and have consulted the doctor, you do not need a pharmacist's advice.

Local drugstores have many disadvantages. First, this drug can be unavailable, and then you have to waste your time looking for the drug at another pharmacy. Second, the price at local drugstores is usually higher than online, because costs for drugstore maintenance are higher. This is explained by expenses for premises and medication storage. Third, to buy most drugs, including Clomid 100mg, you need a prescription. Sometimes it can be a problem. For example, you can lose your script or leave it at home. So, it may be pointless time wasting, especially, if you've lost the prescription. Then you have to go to the doctor again to duplicate a prescription.

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In addition, a great advantage of buying Clomid 25mg online is privacy. Regarding such drug as Clomid without prescription confidentiality is very unimportant, because its indication is quite personal thing. Many women prefer not to discuss this issue. But at a local drugstore not only a pharmacist will know it, but also people around.

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